Who acted in Raaz?

  1. Gitendra

  2. Eesha

  3. Chiranjeev

  4. Cannot be determined


The correct option is D

Cannot be determined

The best way to think about this question is to look at the age - wise order of the seven stars. The blank table would look something as follows:
Name of movieName of StarAge wise order  Oldest                 Youngest
The first thing to think of in this table is, using Clues (iii) and (v), we get that the star who acted in Mann cannot be the oldest star (as the star who acted in Mann should be younger to D). Further, if we use the information in Clue (vi) which is direct, the table transforms to:
Name of movieName of StarAge wise orderGarvAOldest   Hum     Razz     Mann Youngest
At this point, we have to place three more movie - viz: Dhoom, Karz and Boss. Using Clue (iii) again, those who acted in Dhoom and Karz have to be younger than D - we realise that of the three blanks, Dhoom and Karz would have to occupy the lower two. Thus, Boss must be the second oldest star. Using Clue (ii) we know that B acted in Boss. We also know that D is not acting in any of Dhoom, Mann or Karz. Hence, D must be in Hum. The table now becomes:
Name of movieName of StarAge-wise orderGarvAOldestBossBSecond OldestHumDThird OldestDhoom/KarzFFourth OldestRazzC/GFifth OldestKarz/DhoomG/CSixth OldestMannEYoungest
At this point, we are left with two movie - Dhoom and Karz and also left with 4 people C, E, F and G to place. Since F > C > E and the Raaz star necessarily has to be younger than 4 of the stars, we get that F must be in the fourth place and E must be the youngest and between C and G, their age would be the same.
The answer is d.

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