With reference to the growth of national consciousness in India explain the following :
Two Contributions of Dadabhai Naoroji.


1. India's Unofficial Ambassador in England: In 1866 Dadabhai founded the East India Association in London. Its object was to inform the British of the true state of affairs in India. During his long stay in England, he made friendship with eminent Englishmen like Gladstone, Bradlaugh and Bright. He was the first Indian to have won a seat in 1892 in the British House of Commons. As a member of British Parliament, he rendered admirable service to the cause of India and the people of Indian origin in South Africa. It was due to the efforts of Dadabhai and Bradlaugh that the British House of Commons passed a resolution recommending that the ICS examination be held simultaneously both in England and in India. The Resolution, however, could not become an Act.

2.One of the Founder-Members of Indian National Congress: Dadabhai was one of the founders of the Indian National Congress. Thrice he presided over the sessions of the Congress in 1886, 1893 and 1906. His Presidentship of the Congress in 1906 was memorable in many ways. The partition of Bengal in 1905 had very sadly disillusioned the early nationalists. Their power and prestige were on the decline. They, therefore, persuaded Dadabhai to preside over the Kolkata session of the Congress in 1906. Dadabhai's name and fame made it difficult for the assertive nationalists to oppose his candidature, although they would have liked Tilak to hold that office.


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