Write uses of some metals?


Uses of some metals

             Many metals and their compounds are useful in our daily life. These are as follows : Aluminium is used to prepare utensils and house hold equipments like vacum cleaner. Aluminium is extensively used in making bodies of rail, cars, automobiles, trucks and aircraft. Aluminium wires are widely used in electrical work. Aluminium foil is used to wrap chocolate cigarette and medicines and to seal milk bottles.

             Major use of copper is in making electrical wires. Copper is also used in making utensils, steam pipes, coin and in electroplating.

             Steel is an alloy of iron which is used for making parts of machines, as building material and in the construction of fridges. As a matter of fact steel is said to be the back bone of industry.

             Gold and silver called noble metals (or coinage metals) are used in jewellery.

             Mercury is used in thermometers barometers and to prepare amalgams.

             Platinum is used to make crucibles and electrodes.

             Zinc is used to galvanize iron, to prepare roofing material, container of dry cells and to make brass when mixed with copper.

             Metal like sodium, titanium and zirconium find their applications in atomic energy and space science projects.

             Titanium (Ti) and its alloys are used in aerospace, marine equipments, aircraft frames, chemical industries and chemical reactors. The wide application of titanium is attributed to its resistance to corrosion, high melting points and high strength.

             The metals such as titanium, chromium, manganese and zirconium are called strategic metals because these metals play an important role in the country's economy and defence. These metals and their alloys are used in high grade steels, jet engines, space science projects and atomic energy.


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