You are the Financial Manager of a newly established company. The Directors have asked you to determine the amount of working capital requirement for the company.
Explain any four factors that you will consider while determining the working capital requirement for the company.

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Factors affecting working capital requirement:
1. Length of Operating Cycle:
The amount of working capital directly depends upon the length of operating cycle. Operating cycle refers to the time period involved in production. It starts right from acquisition of raw material and ends till payment is received after sale.The working capital is very important for the smooth flow of operating cycle. If operating cycle is long then more working capital is required whereas for companies having short operating cycle, the working capital requirement is less.

2. Nature of Business:
The type of business, firm is involved in, is the next consideration while deciding the working capital. In case of trading concern or retail shop the requirement of working capital is less because length of operating cycle is small.The wholesalers as compared to retail shop require more working capital as they have to maintain large stock and generally sell goods on credit which increases the length of operating cycle. The manufacturing company requires huge amount of working capital because they have to convert raw material into finished goods, sell on credit, maintain the inventory of raw material as well as finished goods.

3. Scale of Operation:
The firms operating at large scale need to maintain more inventory, debtors, etc. So they generally require large working capital whereas firms operating at small scale require less working capital.

4. Business Cycle Fluctuation:
During boom period the market is flourishing so more demand, more production, more stock, and more debtors which mean more amount of working capital is required. Whereas during depression period low demand less inventories to be maintained, less debtors, so less working capital will be required.

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