1 debye = 10-18 esu cm = 3.335 xx 1030 C-m (coulomb meter). Prove it

A dipole moment arises in any system in which there is a separation of charge. They can, therefore, arise in ionic bonds as well as in covalent bonds. Dipole moments occur due to the difference in electronegativity between two chemically bonded atoms.


A dipole moment is the product of the magnitude of the charge and the distance between the centres of the positive and negative charges. It is denoted by the Greek letter ‘µ’.


Dipole Moment (µ) = Charge (Q) * distance of separation (r)

It is measured in Debye units denoted by ‘D’. 1 D = 3.33564 × 10-30 C.m, where C is Coulomb and m denotes a meter.


1 Debye = 10 −10esu×10 −8cm

=10 −18 esu cm

=\(10^{-18}esu cm X\frac{3.335 X10^{-10}C}{esu} X \frac{10^{-2}m}{cm}\)

= 3.335 X 10-30cm

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