1) How mass of object on Earth is six times mass on moon? 2) How to calculate mass of object if weight given is of on the moon?

1) The mass of the moon is 1/100 times and its radius 1/4 times that of earth. As a result, the gravitational attraction on the moon is about one-sixth when compared to earth. Hence, the weight of an object on the moon is 1/6th of its weight on the earth.

2) To find the weight on the moon,

  • First find the mass of the object to get weight on earth by dividing the earth’s force of gravity, which is 9.81m/s2.
  • Now we can find the weight by multiplying it by the gravitational force. The moon has a gravitational force of 1.622m/s2, we multiply the object’s mass by this quantity to calculate an object’s weight on the moon.

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