1.What are sarcodina?Describe their structure. 2.What is pressure potential for following: i) Hypertonic cell? ii) Hypotonic cell? iii) Plasmolysed cell?

1) Sarcodina: A taxonomic group within Phylum Sarcomastigophora. It includes the amoebas, heliozoan, rediozoa, and foraminifera, which are characterized by their ability to move by cytoplasmic flow or by pseudopods. Just like amoeba they do not have a specific geometrical structure.


2.1 A hypertonic solution will have a higher concentration of solutes than the cell and will have a higher osmotic pressure outside the cell than inside the cell.

2.2 A hypotonic solution will have a lower concentration of solutes than the cell. The cell will also have a higher osmotic pressure the tendency for water to move into a cell by osmosis than the solution surrounding it. This will cause fluid to move into the cell.

2.3 The process of contraction or shrinkage of the protoplasm of a plant cell and is caused due to the loss of water in the cell. Plasmolysis is one of the outcomes of osmosis and rarely occurs in nature is called plasmolysis.

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