10 Examples of Evaporation in Daily Life With Explanations

Evaporation is defined as the process in which the state of water from liquid to gaseous or to vapour state takes place. The rate of evaporation is dependent on the temperature. As the temperature increases, the evaporation rate increases.

Following are the examples of evaporation in daily life with explanation:

  • Drying of clothes in the sun: The water present in the clothes when they are washed is removed by the process of evaporation.
  • Crystallization: The process of obtaining crystals from the mother liquor is known as crystallization and this takes place because of evaporation.
  • The evaporation process is used in food processing industries to process milk, pasta, and other concentrates.
  • Salt crystals obtained either from a natural process or from an industrial process, evaporation is used.
  • The melting of an ice cube is an example of evaporation.
  • Evaporation of acetone which is used for removing nail paint is another everyday example of evaporation.
  • Distillation is the process in which two mixtures are separated with the help of evaporation as boiling of these mixtures is involved.
  • The concentration of samples in chromatography are obtained with the help of rotary evaporators and centrifugal evaporators.
  • Another everyday example of evaporation is the natural drying of the body after the shower.
  • Drying of wet floors is also an example of evaporation.

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