10 lines essay on butterfly

Butterflies have huge scaly wings and are attractive flying insects.

They have six jointed legs, three body segments, a pair of antennae, complex eyes, and an exoskeleton, just like all insects.

The head, thorax (chest), and abdomen are the three bodily components (the tail end).

The sensory hairs on the butterfly’s body cover its entire body.

The thorax is where the butterfly’s four wings and six legs are joined.

The muscles that move the legs and wings are found in the thorax.

A butterfly is an insect with stunningly attractive and captivating wings.

In the wings, we can see a variety of colours and patterns.

A butterfly’s body is made up of six tiny legs and two antennae.

A butterfly’s body is made up of three parts: the head, the main body, and the tail.

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