10Ml Of Gaseous Hydrocarbon On Combustion Gives 40Ml Of Co2 G And 50Ml H2O (Vapour). The Hydrocarbon Is______(A)C4H5.(B)C4H8.(C)C4H10.(D)C8H10

The correct answer is (C)C4H10.

The ratio of volumes is = 10:40:50 = 1:4:5

All the carbon from the hydrocarbon is in the CO2.

10ml of hydrocarbon produces 40ml of CO2- 1:4 ratio.

So, 1 mole of hydrocarbon has four moles of carbon. All the H ends up in the water.10ml of a hydrocarbon produces 50ml water 1:5 ratio.

Each water molecule has 2 moles of H atoms. So, a 1-mole hydrogen carbon compound has 10 moles of hydrogen, which gives C4H10.

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