210 frost-free days are required for the growth of cotton. What is the meaning of frost-free days?

Frost free days is defined to be the average duration gap between the last frost day of the spring and the first frost day of the autumn season. The average number of days between the last frost of spring and the first killing frost of fall or winter.

Conditions Required for Cotton Cultivation

To successfully cultivate cotton the following conditions must be required

  • Long Frost-free Period
  • Moderate rainfall. These days it is grown even in areas which have less rainfall, since water is obtained through irrigation.
  • Plenty of sunshine.
  • It is grown in various regions of India, cotton is usually grown in places having black soil. It is also grown in alluvial soil in the North.

Cotton – Important Facts

  • As of 2019, India is the World’s 2nd largest producer of Cotton.
  • China is the largest producer of Cotton, followed by India. Other largest producers of cotton are the United States of America, Brazil, and Pakistan.
  • Cotton is native to subtropical and tropical areas across the globe.
  • It is a plant that is a shrub 
  • Cotton is grown in India, Egypt, Africa and Amerias.
  • To keep the pests under control, it is grown as an annual crop, if not it is a perennial crop.
  • Cotton is a drought resistant crop.

Uses of Cotton

Cotton is heavily used in the textile industry. Apart from the textile industry it is also used to make cottonseed oil, coffee filters, tents, bookbinding, cotton paper, fishing nets.

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