2142 g of sugar syrup contains 342 g of sugar. Calculate (i)molarity of the solution (ii)mole fraction of sugar in the syrup.

(i) Given,

Mass of sugar=34.2 gram.

Number of moles of sugar = 34.2/(mol.mass) = 34.2/342 = 0.1

Mass of water = (214.2-34.2)=180g or 180/1000 kg

Number of moles of water = 180/18 = 10 moles

Molarity = Number of moles of sugar/Mass of water per Kg

= 0.1/180 x 1000 = 0.555M

Hence, the molarity of sugar is 0.555 M.

(ii) Since,

Total number of moles =10.0+0.1=10.1

Mole fraction of sugar = Number of moles of sugar/Total moles

= 0.1/10.1 = 0.0099

Hence, the mole fraction of sugar syrup is 0.0099

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