865:532::976:. Find the next number in the sequence.

865:532::976:. ____

We have to find the next term in the given sequence.


The given sequence 865:532::976:. has a certain logic. Let us find out

The first Term is = 865

The Second Term is = 532

The third Term is = 976

We get to know that the second term 532 is formed when 3 is subtracted from each digit of the first number.

Like 8-3=5 : 6-3= 3 : 5-3=2

Now the third term is formed on adding 4 to every digit of second term that is 532.

5+4=9; 3+4=7;2+4=6

So the number formed is 976

Next as the sequence continues we must again subtract 3 from every digit of third term

Hence the fourth term is

9-3=6: 7-3=4: 6-4=2

Hence the next term is 742


The next term is 742 for the given sequence

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