A 1.2m tall girl spots a balloon moving with the wind in a horizontal line at a height of 88.2m from the ground. The angle of elevation of the balloon from the eyes of the girl at any instant is 60°. After some time, the angle of elevation reduce to 30°. Find the distance travelled by the balloon during the interval.


Distance travelled by the balloon 1

In ΔACE, AE/CE = tan 60°

88.2-1.2/CE = √3

CE = 29√3

In ΔBCD, BG/CG = tan 30°

Distance travelled by the balloon 2

88.2-1.2/CG = 1/√3

CG=87√3 m

Balloon travelled distance = EG = GC-EC = 57√3-22√3=58√3m

Distance travelled by the balloon 3

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