A 50 kg girl wearing high heel shoes balances on a single heel. The heel is circular with a diameter of 1.0 cm. What is the pressure exerted by the heel on the horizontal floor?


Radius of the heel, r = d/2 = 0.005 m

Mass of the lady, m = 50 kg

Area of the heel,

A = πr2

= π (0.005)2

We get,

= 7.85 x 10-5 m2

Force on the floor due to the heel:

F = mg

F = 50 x 9.8

We get,

F = 490 N

Pressure exerted by the heel on the floor.

P = F/A

P = 490/(7.85 x 10-5)

We get,

P = 6.24 x 106 Nm-2

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