A bag contains lemon flavored candies only. Malini takes out one candy without looking into the bag. What is the probability that she takes out (i) an orange flavored candy? (ii) a lemon flavored candy?

(i) A bag contains only lemon flavored candy so there is no probability to take out orange flavored candy.Hence, the probability of taking out orange flavoured candy is
0. We know that the bag only contains lemon-flavored candies.

So, The no. of orange flavored candies = 0

∴ The probability of taking out orange flavored candies = 0/1 = 0

(ii) As the bag has only lemon flavored candy, every time she will take out only lemon flavored candy. Therefore, the event is a sure event and the probability of taking out lemon flavored candy is 1. As there are only lemon flavored candies, P(lemon flavored candies) = 1 (or 100%)


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