A boy rolls a rubber ball on a wooden surface. The ball travels a short distance before coming to rest. To make the same ball travel longer distance before coming to rest, he may (a) spread a carpet on the wooden surface. (b) cover the ball with a piece of cloth. (c) sprinkle talcum powder on the wooden surface. (d) sprinkle sand on the wooden surface

Answer: (c) sprinkle talcum powder on the wooden surface.

The frictional force will be reduced by using talcum powder, allowing the ball to travel a longer distance.

Frictional Force

  • Friction is caused due to the irregularities on the two surfaces in contact. So, when one object moved over the other, these irregularities on the surface get entangled, giving rise to friction.
  • The more the roughness, the more irregularities and more significant will be the friction.
  • To avoid creaking sounds from doors, we lubricate the door hinges which leads to the smooth functioning of door hinges.

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