A Boy Swims In A 90 M Long Pool. She Covers 180 M In One Minute By Swimming From One End To The Other And Back Along The Same Straight Path. Find The Average Speed And Average Velocity Of A Boy.


The total distance covered by a boy in 1 min is 180 m.

Displacement of a boy in 1 min = 0 m

Average speed =

\(\frac{Total\;distance\;covered}{Total\;time\;taken}\\\Rightarrow\frac{180 m}{1 min}\\\Rightarrow\frac{180 m}{1 min} * \frac{1 min}{60 s}\\\Rightarrow 3 ms^{-1}\)

Average velocity = \(\frac{Displacement}{Total\;time\;taken}\\\Rightarrow\frac{0 m}{60 s}\\\Rightarrow 0 ms^{-1}\)


The boy’s average speed is 3 ms-1.

The boy’s average velocity is 0 ms-1.

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