A Car With Vertical Windshield Moves In A Rainstorm At A Speed Of 40 Km/Hr. The Rain Drops Fall Vertically With A Constant Speed Of 20 M/S. The Angle At Which Raindrops Strike The Windshield

Speed of car = 40 km/hr.

[latex]\Rightarrow 40 * (\frac{5}{18}) [/latex] [latex]\Rightarrow (\frac{100}{9})m/s [/latex] [latex]\Rightarrow tan\Theta =(\frac{v_{c}}{v_{R}}) [/latex] [latex]\Rightarrow \Theta = tan=^{-1}(\frac{5}{9}) [/latex]

Therefore, angle at which raindrops strike the windshield is[latex] \Theta = tan=^{-1}(\frac{5}{9}) [/latex]

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