A child wanted to separate the mixture of dyes constituting a sample of ink. He marked a line by the ink on the filter paper and placed the filter paper in a glass containing water as shown in Fig. The filter paper was removed when the water moved near the top of the filter paper. (i) What would you expect to see, if the ink contains three different coloured components? (ii) Name the technique used by the child. (iii) Suggest one more application of this technique.


(i) If the ink has three different coloured components, the filter paper will have spots of different colours at different heights, as seen in the figure. On the chromatograph, the most soluble in water shows at the top, the least soluble in water appears in the centre, and the least soluble in water appears at the bottom.

(ii) Child uses the technique of paper chromatography.

Paper chromatography

The chromatography technique that uses paper sheets or strips as the adsorbent being the stationary phase through which a solution is made to pass is called paper chromatography.

(iii) Paper chromatography is used to separate different pigments present in the chlorophyll.

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