A coil of insulated copper wire is connected to a galvanometer. What will happen if a bar magnet is (i) pushed into the coil, (ii) withdrawn from inside the coil, (iii) held stationary inside the coil?

(i) The needle of the galvanometer shows a momentary deflection in a particular direction.
(ii) The needle of the galvanometer shows a momentarily in the opposite direction.
(iii) The needle of the galvanometer shows no deflection.


A galvanometer is a device that is used to detect a small electric current or measure its magnitude. A moving coil galvanometer is an instrument that is used to measure electric currents.  A current-carrying coil, when placed in an external magnetic field, experiences magnetic torque. The angle through which the coil is deflected due to the magnetic torque effect is proportional to the magnitude of current in the coil. The deflection is a mechanical rotation derived from forces resulting from the current.

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