A Desiccator is an Air Tight Glass Vessel With a Suitable Drying Agent, - Fill in the Blank - Placed at the Bottom of the Vessel

A desiccator is an airtight glass vessel with a suitable drying agent, anhydrous calcium chloride placed at the bottom of the vessel.

What is a desiccator?

A desiccator is mainly used to keep maintaining an atmosphere of low humidity through the use of a suitable drying agent. The lower compartment of the desiccator contains lumps of silica gel, freshly calcined quicklime, Drierite or (not as effective) anhydrous calcium chloride to absorb water vapour. Thus act as a drying agent. Silica which is changing colour is also used often to check whether it is fresh or not. The desiccator ought not to be left open except to transfer samples in or out of it.

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