A dilute ferrous sulphate solution was gradually added to the beaker containing acidified permanganate solution. The light purple colour of the solution fades and finally disappears. Which of the following is the correct explanation for the observation? (a) KMnO4 is an oxidising agent, it oxidises FeSO4 (b) FeSO4 acts as an oxidising agent and oxidises KMnO4 (c) The colour disappears due to dilution; no reaction is involved (d) KMnO4 is an unstable compound and decomposes in the presence of FeSO4 to a colourless compound.

Answer: (a) KMnO4 is an oxidising agent, it oxidises FeSO4

In this reaction, potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is an oxidizing agent. It oxidises ferrous sulphate to ferric sulphate in the presence of dilute H2SO4.

2KMNO4 + 10FeSO4 + 8H2SO4 → K2SO4 + 2MnSO4 + 5Fe(SO4)3 + 8H2O

The solution is coloured purple because of the KMnO4 and it eventually disappears when all the KMnO4 in the solution is utilized.

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