A diver is able to cut through water in a swimming pool. Which property of matter does this observation show?

Given that a diver can cut through water in a swimming pool. This happens due to the special properties of water. As water is in a liquid state, it possesses few characteristics.

Property of matter observed

A diver can cut through water in a swimming pool. The property observed in this phenomena is listed below.

  • This shows that the particles of matter have spaces between them.
  • The intermolecular forces of attraction between liquid particles are not very strong; hence, the diver’s force is enough to overcome these forces of attraction.
  • A diver will pass through water if there is the availability of space between the particles and the forces of attraction between the liquid particles are not very strong.
  • The diver will not cut through solid ice because of fewer spaces between the solid particles and strong forces of attraction.

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