A father and son pushed their car to bring it to the side of the road as it had stalled in the middle of the road. They experienced that although they had to push with all their might initially to move the car, the push required to keep the car rolling was smaller, once the car started rolling. Explain.


Frictional force refers to the force generated by two surfaces that contact and slide against each other. Friction is caused due to the irregularities on the two surfaces in contact. So, when one object moved over the other, these irregularities on the surface get entangled, giving rise to friction. The more the roughness, the more irregularities and more significant will be the friction.

  • When the car is at rest, we must apply more force to get it moving, which has a greater value.
  • As soon as the car begins to move, the friction changes to rolling friction, which is always lower than the previous one.
  • As a result, we must use the least amount of force to keep it moving.

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