A few substances are arranged in the increasing order of ‘forces of attraction’ between their particles. Which one of the following represents a correct arrangement? (a) Water, air, wind (b) Air, sugar, oil (c) Oxygen, water, sugar (d) Salt, juice, air

(c) The correct order of increasing ‘force of attraction’ between their particles is

Oxygen < Water < Sugar

It is because the force of attraction increases in the order

i.e., Gas < Liquid < Solid.

  • Intermolecular forces are forces of attraction or repulsion which act between neighbouring particles (atoms,moleculesorions). These force keep a molecule together.
  • In solid, a particle can vibrate but they can not move. Sugar is solid.
  • In liquid, the force of attraction is weaker than solid. Water is a liquid.
  • In gas, the particle moves fast in a random direction, so there is no force of attraction. Oxygen is a gas.

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