A flat in Mumbai with a balcony facing the sea has some clothes hung on a clothesline in the balcony. Towards which direction the clothes will be blown in the afternoon? Explain.

In the afternoon time the land gets heated much faster than sea and hence the air above the land traps heat and rises up by getting warmed and hence there is formation of pressure difference due to which the cool air above the sea takes place above the land in order to maintain balance , so the air will blow towards the house and the clothes will move in the direction of house and this phenomena is called sea breeze.

Sea Breeze

Land Breeze

Sea breeze tends to be deep.

A land breeze is comparatively shallower when compared to a sea breeze.

Sea breeze reduces the temperature.

Land breeze generally has no effect on temperature.

A sea breeze is more prevalent during the summer and spring seasons. This happens because temperatures remain higher during the day in these seasons. 

A land breeze is more common during winters and autumns. The nights tend to stay cooler at such times.

Sea breeze tends to be faster, flowing at speeds of up to 20 knots.

Land breeze flows much slower, with top speeds ranging up to 8 knots.

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