A gas mixture consists of 2 moles of oxygen and 4 moles of Argon at temperature T. Neglecting all vibrational moles, the total internal energy of the system is: (A) 4RT (B) 15RT (C) 11RT (D) 9RT

(C) 11RT


internal energy of n moles of a gas is u=1/2nFRT

where F=number of degrees of freedom.

(F=5 for oxygen molecule and F = 3 for Argon)

Internal energy of 2 moles of oxygen at temperature T is;

u1=1/2×2×5RT=5RT , 

Internal energy of 4 moles of Argon is:

u2 = 1/2 × 4 × 3RT = 6RT

Total internal energy =u1+u2= 5RT + 6RT = 11RT

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