A girl is sitting in the middle of a park of dimension 12 m × 12 m. On the left side of it there is a building adjoining the park and on right side of the park, there is a road adjoining the park. A sound is produced on the road by a cracker. Is it possible for the girl to hear the echo of this sound? Explain your answer.


Echo can be heard if the gap between the original sound and reflected sound received by the listener is around 0.1 sec.

Speed of sound in air, (v) = 344 ms -1

Sound Velocity × time interval

= 344 × 0.1

= 34.4 m

Here sound reflects from the building and then reaches the girl which is much smaller than the required distance. Hence echo cannot be heard.

However, in this situation, the sound reflected from the building and then reaching the girl will travel a distance of (6 + 6) = 12 m, which is significantly less than the required distance. As a result, there is no echo.

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