‘A’ got her gall bladder removed surgically as she was diagnosed with stones in her gall bladder. After the surgery, she faced problems in the digestion of certain food items when consumed in bulk. Can you tell which kind of food items would they be and why?

Bile juice is produced by the liver that is collected and stored in a location named gall bladder. The main role of bile juice is to break fat into small droplets. After this process, it can digest easily. If the gall bladder is removed from human body then it will be difficult to digest fat.

  • Gallbladder is a small sac like structure which stores and concentrates the bile juice produced by the liver.
  • This bile produced helps in the emulsification of fats i.e. breakdown of complex fat molecules into smaller particles.
  • The gall bladder stores the bile and uses it when needed but now as it is surgically removed there is no place for bile storage 

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