A hemispherical bowl is made of steel, 0.25 cm thick. The inner radius of the bowl is 5cm. Find the outer curved surface of the bowl. (Assume π = 22/7)


hemispherical bowl made of brass has inner diameter 10.5cm

Find out

We have to find the cost of tin-plating it on the inside at the rate of Rs 16 per 100 cm2.


Inner radius of hemispherical bowl = 5cm

Thickness of the bowl = 0.25 cm

Outer radius of hemispherical bowl = (5+0.25) cm = 5.25 cm

We know, formula for outer CSA of hemispherical bowl = 2πr², where r is radius of hemisphere

= 2×(22/7)×(5.25)²= 173.25


Therefore, the outer curved surface area of the bowl is 173.25 cm².

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