A Horse Is Tied To A Post By A Rope. If The Horse Moves Along A Circular Path, Always Keeping The Rope Tight And Describes 88 Metres When It Traces 72° At The Centre, Find The Length Of The Rope.

The Length Of The Rope.

[latex]theta = 72°[/latex]

= (72 * frac{Pi}{180}) c

= [latex](frac{2Pi}{5})^{c}[/latex]

= s = 88 m

= [latex] s = rTheta [/latex]

= [latex]therefore 88 = r (frac{2Pi}{5})[/latex]

= [latex]therefore r = 88 * frac {5}{2Pi}[/latex]

= [latex] 88 * frac {5}{2(frac{22}{7})}[/latex]

= 70 m

Therefore, the length of the rope is 70 m

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