A hypha bearing sporangium is called _______________


A hypha bearing sporangium is called sporangiophore.

Hyphae are tubular thread-like structures with sporangia at their tips in Rhizopus. Rhizopus is a saprobic fungus that feeds on dead organic matter that has decayed. Rhizoids, stolons, and unbranched sporangiophores make up its body, which is made up of branching mycelia consisting of three types of hyphae: rhizoids, stolons, and unbranched sporangiophores.

Rhizoids are hyphae that develop downward into the soil and aid in water absorption. A stolon is a slender horizontal hyphae that aids in an organism’s propagation. Sporangiophores are hyphae that are simple, unbranched tubular threads with rounded sporangia at their ends. For asexual reproduction, sporangia develop non-motile multinucleate spores.


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