A jet engine works on the principle of: i. Conservation of linear momentum ii. Conservation of kinetic energy iii. Conservation of angular momentum iv. Conservation of inertia Explain.

A jet engine works on the principle of conservation of?

  1. Linear momentum
  2. Angular momentum
  3. Energy
  4. Mass

The correct option is i. Linear momentum


The conservation of linear momentum states that the body in motion will retain its total momentum unless an external force is applied to it. The mathematical form is:

Initial momentum = Final momentum

P<sub>i</sub> = P<sub>f</sub>

In a jet engine, a large volume of gas is produced through the combustion of fuel which gets escaped from the back side of the jet. A large momentum is gained by this gas since it has a high velocity. Therefore, there is an equal and opposite momentum. Thus, the jet moves in the forward direction with high speed.

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