A lady went to the market to buy a blanket. The shopkeeper showed her blankets made of acrylic fibres as well as made of wool. She preferred to buy an acrylic blanket. Can you guess why?

Acrylic blankets are cheap, light in weight, more durable and are available in a variety of colours and designs. They can be easily washed at home.

Advantages of acrylic fibres

As a petroleum-based product, it will take many years for it to degrade. Another benefit of the acrylic yarn is the, since it is synthetic fibre, it is impossible for moth larvae to digest it. Acrylic and nylon are synthetic fibres frequently found in yarn. They add durability and are often offered at a lower cost than yarn derived from natural fibres. It is usually blended with natural wool fibres or used to mimic wool not for its properties, but for manufacturers to save money on cost of materials.

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