A landmass bounded by the sea on three sides is referred to as (a) Coast (b) Island (c) Peninsula (d) None of the above

The correct answer is option (C) – Peninsula

The Peninsular Plateau in India is broadly divided into the Deccan Plateau and Central Highlands.

Deccan Plateau 

  • The Deccan Plateau slopes gently eastwards and is higher in the West.
  • Its Eastern extensions are the Maikal range, the Kaimur hills, the Mahadev while its broad base in the North is flanked by the Satpura Range.
  • Even in the Northeast, one can kind find the extension of this plateau known as the North Cachar Hills, Karbi-Anglong Plateau.
  • A triangular landmass which lies to the South of the river Narmada is known as the Deccan Plateau.
  • It is separated from the Chotanagpur plateau.
  • Three Prominent hill ranges from the east to west are the Jaintia Hills, the Khasi and the Garo.

Central Highlands

  • Central Highlands are the major area of the Malwa plateau, it is the part of the Peninsular Plateau lying to the North of the Narmada river.
  • Aravallis on the northwest and the Central Highlands on the south bounds the Vindhya range.
  • The Central Highlands are narrower in the East, but wider in the West.
  • The Eastward extensions of Central Highlands are known as the Baghelkhand and Bundelkhand.

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