A list of jumbled words is given here. Write the correct form of each word. (a) WASHFERRET (b) CHARREGE (c) QUIFERA (d) WOSN

(a) freshwater

Water is a precious natural resource. All living things need water for their survival. We cannot imagine life without water.

We all need water for different daily activities including:

  • Domestic Purposes include bathing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, and washing.
  • Agricultural applications include irrigation, farming, gardening, and frost control.
  • Other Industrial Applications.

(b) recharge

(c) aquifer

When we dig into the ground, we encounter the water table which marks the start of groundwater. As we dig deeper, the groundwater is stored between layers of hard rock below the water table. This deposit of water is called an aquifer. Groundwater can be extracted from aquifers using a water well.

(d) snow

Snow crystals form when the temperature freezes the tiny cloud droplets and because water droplets are more in number than ice crystals, the crystals can grow in size at the expense of water droplets as the water vapour causes the droplets to evaporate.


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