A machine used for cutting the matured crop is ___?


A machine used for cutting the matured crop is Harvester.

Crop production is the process of growing crops for domestic and commercial purposes. Some of the crops produced on a large scale include rice, wheat, maize, jute, etc. Crop production involves the following practices:

  • Soil preparation
  • Sowing of seeds
  • Irrigating the soil
  • Harvesting of crops
  • Storage of crops

Harvesting of crops

Crop cutting is known as harvesting. Harvesting is carried out either manually by a sickle or by a harvester. Threshing is defined as the entire process of separation of the grains from the harvested crop. Huge machines known as combines that do both harvesting and threshing are used by major farmers.

  • Once the crop is matured or fully ripened, they are cut and gathered which is collectively called harvesting.
  • Harvesting depends on many factors like season, crop variety, maturity period, etc.
  • Over-irrigation, irregular sunlight can prolong the ripening of crops which thus delays the harvesting time.
  • Early harvesting causes loss of unripened grains while delayed harvesting leads to shedding off of grains.
  • Besides this, rodents and even birds eat the grains. Therefore regular examination of the crop is necessary as the harvesting period approaches.
  • The golden yellow colour is the indication of ripened crops for paddy, rice, and wheat.

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