A medicine capsule is in the shape of a cylinder with two hemispheres stuck to each of its ends. The length of the entire capsule is 14 mm and the diameter of the capsule is 5 mm. Find its surface area.

Ncert solutions class 10 chapter 13-7

The capsule comprises two hemispheres and one cylinder is shown in the figure 

Ncert solutions class 10 chapter 13-8


The diameter of the capsule = 5 mm

∴ Radius = 5/2 = 2.5 mm

Now, the length of the capsule = 14 mm

The length of the cylinder = 14-(2.5+2.5) = 9 mm

Find out

We have to find out the Surface area of the cylinder


The surface area of cylinder=C.S. An of cylinder+ C.S.A of 2 Hemisphere



On substituting the known values we get






The surface area of the cylinder =220mm2

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