A non-striated muscle is also called as (1) CArdiac muscle (2) Skeletal muscle (3) Voluntary muscle (4) Involuntary muscle

Answer: (4)

Muscular tissue is a specialized tissue in animals which applies forces to different parts of the body by contraction. It is made up of thin and elongated cells called muscle fibers. It controls the movement of an organism.

Different types of muscular tissue:

  • Skeletal Muscle Tissue

  • Smooth Muscle Tissue

  • Cardiac Muscle Tissue

Smooth Muscle Tissue is also known as non-striated muscle or involuntary muscles controlled by the Autonomous Nervous System.

Functions of non-striated muscle:

  • It stimulates the contractility of the digestive, urinary, reproductive systems, blood vessels, and airways.

  • The actin and myosin filaments are very thin and arranged randomly, hence no striations.

  • The cells are spindle-shaped with a single nucleus.

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