A particle is thrown vertically upwards. Its velocity at half of the height is 10m/s, then the maximum height attained by it will be: (g = 10 m/s^2). A) 10m B) 20m C) 15m D) 25m

Answer: A) 10m

Let the maximum height be h meter.

By the equation of motion formulas, we know;

v2 = u2 – 2gs

where v is final velocity, g is acceleration due to gravity and s is displacement.

102 = u2 – 2gh/2

100 = u2 – gh   …(I)

For maximum height, v = 0;

0 = u2 – 2gh

u2 = 2gh

Putting the value of u2 in equation (I) we get;

100 = 2gh – gh

100 = gh

h = 100/g = 100/10 = 10 meter


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