A rectangle has dimensions 40m *25m. If the length and breadth are increased by 15% find the percentage increases in its area.

Area of rectangle =length×breadth

Given, Length = 40 m and breadth= 25m

Hence, area of the rectangle is 40m X 25m=1000sq.m

Given dimensions are increased by 15 percent.
Hence new length and breadth will be
Length= 15‰ of 40 and15‰ of 25

Hence new length = 46m

New breadth = 28.75

The new area is length*breadth is 46mX 28.75m

Area is 46 X 28.75=1322.5 sq.m

the increase in area is 1322.5 sq.m – 1000= 322.5 sq m

The percentage increase is 32.25%

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