A rectangular piece of paper 11cm*4cm is folded without overlapping to make an cylinder of height 4cm .find the volume of the cylinder?

Given that,

Length of the rectangiular paper= 11cm

Breadth of the rectangular paper= 4cm

Circumfernce of circular part of cyclinder = 2∏r

also given that cyclinder is rolled along its length

HenceCircumfernce of circular part of cyclinder =Length of the rectangiular paper

2∏r =11cm

2 X 22 / 7 X r = 11

44 / 7 X r = 11

r = 7 / 4 cm

Height of cylinder =Breadth of the rectangular paper = h =4cm

Volume of cyclinder =∏r2h

=22 / 7 x (7/4)2X 4

= 38.5cm3

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