A refrigerator whose coefficient of performance K = 5, extracts heat from the cooling compartment at the rate of 250 J/cycle. What is the work done per cycle to operate the refrigerator? How much heat is discharged per cycle to the room which acts as the high temperature reservoir? (A) 50 J (B) 200 J (C) 300 J (D) None

Work done per cycle W = Q2/K

Given Q2 = 250 J

On substituting, we get,

W = 250/5

W = 50 J

Hence, 50 J of work is needed to be done per cycle to achieve such coefficient of performance

Now, to find heat discharged into the room

Heat discharged per cycle Q1 = Q2 + W

= 250 + 50

= 300 J

Hence, heat discharged per cycle is 300J

So, the correct option is (C)

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