A satellite is orbiting around the earth. The centripetal force acting on the satellite is F. The force of the satellite on the earth is also F. The net force on the satellite is: (a) F (b) zero (c) 2F (d) F/2

The correct answer is (a) F


  • Centripetal force is the force acting on an object in curvilinear motion directed toward the axis of rotation or centre of curvature.
  • The universal force of attraction, which is acting between objects, is known as the gravitational force.
The gravitational force (F1) acts towards the centre of the earth and a centripetal force (F2) acts away from the centre of the earth.
Both the forces act in opposite direction.
So-net force is given by
F total= F−F = 0

Check out the video given below to know more about gravity

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