A semiconductor is formed by _______

A semiconductor is formed by Covalent bonds.

Semiconductors, such as silicon, are made up of individual atoms bonded together in a regular, periodic structure to form an arrangement whereby each atom is surrounded by 8 electrons. The electrons surrounding each atom in a semiconductor are a part of a covalent bond. The covalent bond consists of two atoms sharing a single electron. Each atom forms four covalent bonds with the four surrounding atoms. Therefore, between each atom and its four surrounding atoms, 8 electrons are being shared.

  1. Semiconductor acts like an insulator at Zero Kelvin. On increasing the temperature, it works as a conductor.
  2. Due to their exceptional electrical properties, semiconductors can be modified by doping to make semiconductor devices suitable for energy conversion, switches, and amplifiers.
  3. Lesser power losses.
  4. Semiconductors are smaller and possess less weight.

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