A shopkeeper offers Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on t-shirt marked at Rs. 2, 400. If after a sale, the shopkeeper earns a profit of 33.33%. Then what is the actual price of the t-shirt?​

Answer: Rs 900

Shopkeeper sells Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer on

t- shirt marked at = Rs. 2,400

Selling price of two t-shirt = Rs 2,400

That is

One t- shirt selling price can be calculated as

⇒ 2400/2

⇒ Rs 1,200

profit is 33.33 %

Let us calculate the cost price of t-shirt

CP formula

Cost price = SP(Selling Price) × 100 / (100 + Profit)

CP = 1200 × 100 / (100 + 33.33)

CP = 120000 / 133.33

CP = 900

CP = Rs 900

Therefore, the actual price of the t-shirt is Rs 900.

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