A skirt that is 35 (7/8) cm long has a hem of 3(1/8) cm. How long will the skirt be if the hem is let down?


Length of the skirt = [latex]35\frac{7}{8}[/latex] cm 

Dimension of hem = [latex]3\frac{1}{8}[/latex] cm 

Find out

We have to determine the length of skirt, if hem is let down


On converting the given mixed fraction into improper fraction we obtain

Length of the skirt = [latex]35\frac{7}{8}[/latex] cm = 287/8 cm

Dimension of hem = [latex]3\frac{1}{8}[/latex] cm = 25/8 cm

Length of skirt, if hem is let down = ((287/8) + (25/8)) cm

= 312/8 cm

= 39 cm


The length of skirt, if hem is let down=39cm

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