[latex] F_{net} = mg sin\Theta – \mu mg cos\Theta [/latex] [latex] \Rightarrow mg sin\Theta – \mu xg cos\Theta [/latex] [latex] a = \frac{F_{net}}{m} = g sin\Theta – \mu_{0} xg cos\Theta [/latex]

Therefore, [latex] v * \frac{dv}{dx} = g sin\Theta – \mu_{0} xg cos\Theta [/latex]


[latex] \int_{0}^{0}vdv = \int_{x_{m}}^{0} (g sin \Theta – \mu_{0} xg cos\Theta)dx [/latex]

Solving this equation we get,

[latex] x_{m} = \frac{2}{\mu_{0}} tan\Theta [/latex]

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