A small plant is called _______?

Answer: Shrubs or herbs


  • Herb is a short-sized plant without any of the woody tissues and with a soft, green, delicate stem.
  • In one or two seasons, they complete their life cycle.
  • They have very few branches or are branchless.
  • They can be separated quickly from soil.
  • Examples – Tomato, bama and so on.


  • Shrubs are medium-sized, taller than herbs and shorter than a tree, with woody plants.
  • Their height varies from 6 to 10 m tall.
  • Their characteristics, with many branches, include bushy, rough, and woody stems.
  • While the stems are difficult, they are flexible but not fragile.
  • These plants’ life-span depends mainly on the species.
  • Examples – Tulasi, rose, henna and so on.

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